Day 1 Test 1 – GoSun Sport Solar Cooking
Day 1 Test 1 – GoSun Sport Solar Cooking
Day 1 Test 1 – GoSun Sport Solar Cooking

#GreenCandiChallenge first recorded results!


Day 1 Test 1 - GoSun Sport Solar Cooking

This is my very first test of solar cooking for my #GreenCandiChallenge. Day 1 Test 1 - GoSun Sport Solar Cooking took place on April 3rd 2018 and included my personal recipe (see below) for BBQ Solar Cooked Chicken Legs. It was, in fact also my first time shooting selfie videos using my iPhone! I must apologize, as I was completely unprepared to shoot video on this day, it just so happened that the time slots presented themselves and with a great hunger to eat dinner after my long days work, I went for it! I was far from "Ready for my close up, Mr De-Mille..."

Puppy also gets in on the action and has since become an excellent solar sous-chef, always coming to get me to check how the cooking is going, right on time. Amazing nose! We hope you enjoy the videos, please comment and ask questions, we´re both only too happy to answer you!

For now enjoy the Day 1 Test 1 - GoSun Sport Solar Cooking videos:

videos test 1

Video One - Day 1 Test 1 - GoSun Sport Solar Cooking of GreenCandi´s BBQ Chicken Legs!

Video Two - Day 1 Test 1 - GoSun Sport Solar Cooking of GreenCandi´s BBQ Chicken Legs!

videos test 1

Video Three - Day 1 Test 1 - GoSun Sport Solar Cooking of GreenCandi´s BBQ Chicken Legs!

Video Four - Day 1 Test 1 - GoSun Sport Solar Cooking of GreenCandi´s BBQ Chicken Legs!

Recipe by GreenCandi:

Test Number: Day 1 Test 1 - GoSun Sport Solar Cooking
Prep time: 5 - 10 mins
Cook time: 70 - 150 mins
Yield: 7 drumsticks suitable for 1 – 3 people (I have to say Puppy and I ate the lot! We did not have anything else with it.)


  • 7 large fat drumsticks
  • Your favourite marinade/rub/seasoning
  • Celery, Carrots, Cucumber or Side Salad
  • Bread by choice
  • Additional dipping sauce of your choice.

GreenCandi´s Tasty BBQ Marinade (not completely organic, yet!):

  • Tomato Puree - about 1 tablespoon or half tin/jar or 100g
  • Tomato Frito/Passata - half jar or 3 tablespoons or 300g
  • Himalayan Rock Salt - 1 tablespoon fine grain
  • Ground Ginger - good dash or a teaspoon
  • Turmeric & Pepper - good dash or a teaspoon
  • Ground Black Pepper - light covering large teaspoon
  • Red Pepper Flakes, Mixed herbs & Spaghetti mixed herbs - to taste - I added generously
  • Worcestershire Sauce - 4 tablespoons
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 6 tablespoons
  • Apple Cider Vinegar - lots - fill up the receptacle!
  • Sweet Chillie Sauce - 1 tablespoon
  • Garlic - 4 massive cloves sliced finely

Test: Day 1 Test 1 - GoSun Sport Solar Cooking

  1. Mix in order GreenCandi´s Marinade sauce into a mixing jar.
  2. Marinade Chicken legs for as long as you like, you don´t even have to you can add the chicken legs directly into the GoSun Sport cooking tray.
  3. Pour the marinade sauce over the chicken legs - careful not to spill over the edge of the cooking tray.
  4. Season drumsticks with the desired seasoning - I used dried Rosemary.
  5. Load drumsticks and the GoSun Sport cooking tray into the GoSun Sport and let bake for 45 minutes.
  6. Check drumsticks partway through cooking at 45 minutes. If you like you can move the drumsticks in the front of the tray to the back of the tray and vice versa (the back of the stove tends to be hotter). However, I did not do this as quite honestly it would have been a real mess to try! So I left them thinking that it would be a good idea to see what happened to the most cooked chicken leg in the tray - which I ate last.... and btw... it was amazing!!!
  7. Due to the amount of liquid in my marinade, the cooking time is longer. For faster times use way fewer ingredients - this will become another recipe that will follow in the coming months. So if you want something super succulent, no melt in your mouth juicy! Then try this for now and follow along with the rest later.... Also with this amount of sauce, every time you open the tray to check on the cooking you must have a saucepan underneath to catch the overflowing sauce. Do not worry if some lands on the GoSun Sports reflectors. Just make sure you have a slightly damp cloth with you, as well as the right height saucepan, to catch and clean up. I also have a knife, fork and large tablespoon to easily tend to the cooking.
  8. The chicken legs were ready to eat at about 70 minutes. However, I did have some more work to do so I left them cooking as the sun was setting for up to about 2 hours and boy it made a huge difference. The chicken fell off the bone and was so succulent I found myself greedily happy that no-one else was there to share it with me apart from Puppy!
  9. So you can bake until satisfied and enjoy!
  10. As a note: I, of course, opened the tray many times during this first cooking process and each time a huge amount of sauce which now had the juices of the chicken legs added to it, was joyfully overspilling every time I opened it to check on the progress... About 90 mins in I decided to drain out almost half of the sauce, so that the chicken legs could crisp off a bit and get that lovely BBQ glaze. To make sure you get the BBQ glaze, just drain off all the oil and runny liquid. You will find some lovely paste within the sauce, mix this up and then drizzle over the chicken again, leaving some of the paste ontop of the chicken. This will create the glaze.
  11. I started cooking fairly late in this fairly overcast day for Spain. We did have some good moments of glorious sunshine but then the clouds swept in and also I was popping out to check on the angle as the sun sped across the sky. So admittedly I wasn´t ontop of it as much as I could have been to achieve a faster cooking time. I actually wanted a slower cooking time so it would be ready when I was ready to eat, after work. The sun was actually setting (so it was about 20:30, maybe 21:00) by the time I was eating in the below films. I also had to move location a few times as the sun went down. This was super easy, you just folded up the legs, held the base and placed the GoSun Sport under your arm. The GoSun Sport is cold to touch so you will never risk burning yourself, as long as you have closed the tray securely before you begin moving it! As you know hot sauce and food can obviously burn you!

Results: Day 1 Test 1 - GoSun Sport Solar Cooking

  • I was so ecstatically happy with the results of my very first cooking session with the GoSun Sport, from the very first taste of chicken, that I sat out in my driveway where I finally set it to cook out the final sunsetting rays, munching and wolfing the entire 7 chicken legs with Puppy.
  • We loved it so much that the next day we cooked up another storm but this time with ribs and an almost similar sauce... but I completely forget to add honey to today´s recipe, so that will be an added ingredient!
  • This sauce was a-maz-zing! The chicken was melt in your mouth because of the slow cooking in the saucy sauce! You must have the saucepan and cloth with you whenever you want to open the tray but once you get used to using it and realise that... you didn´t have to make things quite as messy or as wasteful... Sadly there was a lot of leftover sauce that had to be thrown away after this recipe. My advice would be to have some more chicken to throw in as pieces become ready or to just use less ingredients to make less sauce!

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