GreenCandi Challenge
GreenCandi Challenge
GreenCandi Challenge


Welcome to the GreenCandi Challenge!


What, you may ask, is the GreenCandi Challenge?


The GreenCandi Challenge is a private testing ground to see how easy it is to become greener in today´s society.

Located in the Facebook Group #GreenCandiChallenge you can join in the fun as Candice tests her way into a greener future. Post your own tests of sustainability using our products or try Candice´s recipes. Share your own recipes and most importantly you can check out your monthly #GreenCandiChallenge score! Winners will be announced in December 2018.

Whether you already religiously recycle all your disposable household waste or your home is set up with solar panels for all (or part) of your electricity? You will find that most of us do want to become more sustainable especially as children are born into our families. It is what can trigger the realization of just how destructive the human race has been. With this thought in mind, we finally seek out greater ways in which we ourselves can make a difference. To lessen or ideally remove our contribution to the worldwide mess that our planet is enduring. For only when each of us removes our contribution on a daily basis, can we truly begin to clean up the mess we humans have made. Mother Nature will then at least stand a chance to repair and replenish on a slate that although not yet clean will at least no longer be continuously polluting itself on a daily basis.

So I Candice Curtis decided to challenge myself first… to see how easy it would be for me to improve and reduce my daily worldwide mess contribution. This lead me to create GreenCandi – my sustainable self!

As GreenCandi I will go forth testing various products over the coming years. Attempting to bring new habits into my daily life that will enhance my health and allow me to be more sustainable. Reducing my own Carbon Footprint and Ecological Footprint is of the highest priority and companies like Global Footprint Network have created through donations a FootPrint Calculator so you can test yourself and see your Global Footprint score!


My first tests in the GreenCandi Challenge commence with solar ovens.



Candice Curtis on Day 1 Test 1 of her personal #greencandichallenge where will you score?

I live in sunny Spain and we have plenty of the key factor here to make these ovens work like a dream, the sun! So, I plan to give these solar ovens a run for their money during 2018, reporting back all my findings on this blog. Do not think for one second that due to documenting my tests and recipes that I am claiming to be a chef of any kind. The whole point is that I am a Jo Blogs when it comes to cooking. I also have spent the last 12 years healing myself naturally from severe Crohns Disease. Food and cooking is still a working process for me and although I now have a very healthy appetite and weight and I have succeeded in healing what was told to me was an incurable disease. I have been left wanting in the kitchen. I have hopes that the novelty and sustainability of the GoSun Stoves will encourage me to cook on a daily basis. Experimenting with them, feeding my knowledge as well as my tummy!

Spain has just enjoyed a lovely wet winter, so the first 5 tests began as soon as the solar ovens arrived from GoSun Stoves in March, in between the rain storms, that have now just ended – we think! Possibly, we will have no more rain now until mid-September but who knows? These first 5 tests still have to be uploaded to this blog but you will be able to find them all located HERE!

For the first 5 tests and all those that will follow more regularly over the coming months, including recipes that you can follow along to (if you decide to purchase a solar oven to reduce your Carbon and Ecological Footprint or even if you do not! You are still welcome to follow along and cook in a traditional oven!) browse through this blog and website to find what you are looking for. Don´t forget to pop back regularly as I will occasionally be including Free Shipping and other Discount Offers in my online shop.

So stay tuned to see how easy it is for me… and you, to become more green!

For those of you who would like to join the #GreenCandi Challenge Facebook group, so that you can test yourself to become greener. Click the above link!

Follow me on Instagram and Facebook @ecogreencandi to keep up to date with my tests, recipes and much more!

At the end of 2018 the winners of the #GreenCandiChallenge will win a secret prize! Stay tuned for more information to follow.

For now… How Sustainable are you?

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